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Food for Thought...

What a crazy time for all of us! Today, the official call came in: Massachusetts schools are closed for the remainder of the year. No big surprise, but living in denial was a little bit more comfortable.

One thing is for sure - the way we do business and conduct our lives has changed DRAMATICALLY. It seems the only thing most of us are spending MORE money on is food. And oh, are we ever!? How did these 3 children of mine survive a school day with a mere 3 meals and 2 snacks? Now it seems they require 47 meals a day. Every walk through the kitchen warrants a stop by the pantry.

But seriously. I've heard from countless friends and clients that food is one of the biggest challenges. Whether it's making sure to have ENOUGH food, planning 3 meals for a ravenous family, maximizing food budget, or curbing boredom eating.

This is certainly not a time to stress out about every little calorie. It's a time to find silver linings, enjoy family meals, and teach your children to cook - so they don't starve if a pandemic hits when they're on their own! But it IS a time of uncertainty, and for many of us food is comforting when we're scared, anxious, or just plain bored.

What's challenging you right now? How can we help? We are getting up and running with virtual sessions - something I have resisted for years. Hello silver lining! Insurance companies have made significant changes and many are now covering virtual nutrition visits. See our Services for more information.

If you or your family could benefit, please reach out.

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